LoVo 300

 For Those Who Want it All

You DO NOT have to sacrifice anything if you want to look bigger and stronger than ever.

Not your family, your social life, your sleep, your career, NOTHING.

If you’re not a professional athlete and only want the aesthetics and perks of being big and strong…

You’re in the right place.


Is this “The Best” Workout Program?

It’s ludicrous to argue any one workout system is “the best”. 

But consider this:

The HOURS of time you’ll gain and all the things you’ll be able to do with them. (On average, gym goers spend 11.7 hours in the gym per week, you’ll be spending  +/-  3 hours a week in the gym)

The ENERGY you’ll save and be able to use on your other tasks. 

✅How you’ll STILL look great, get stronger, and keep body fat at bay despite training less.

✅The relief of NOT having a soldier-strict diet without worrying about gaining weight. 

Does this sound like it’s “the best” FOR YOU?

More Gains in Less Time

Get a tailored low-volume workout plan that fits your goals and gets you more gains in less time 💪

No more than a few sets to failure per session!

After just a few weeks, you’ll notice the powerful feeling of progressing on your strength. 

Low-Volume’s acute activation of the muscles FORCES the body to respond. 

Eat However YOU Want and Still get Results! 

You will get a personalized, one-of-one nutrition plan that will go in accordance with YOUR goals.

As long as you meet the macros for the results you’re happy with, you can have dessert after every meal and not worry a bit!

You’ll receive access to a mobile app that will help you easily keep track of everything as well.

It’s Harder to Fail Than to Succeed! Missed a day? GOOD!

Low-Volume training LOVES a good rest.

That’s where the magic comes in. You’ll never feel any “burnout” or burden training with LoVo.


Being part of the community and keeping up with Coach Carlos will help you remain accountable and on track.

It’s a lot easier to show up when you have more people cheering you on!

You can Get Started for FREE!

Press play to read along with your Coach 👇

Hi, Coach Carlos here. 

Yes, I promise I’m not throwing the word ‘FREE’ on your face just to bait you and still ask for your credit card 😂

I’m not going to hide anything from you so here’s the deal: 

The program is $300/mo. 

With that, you’ll get:

🔴 A personalized and adaptable low-volume workout program

🔴 Direct contact 24/7 for any questions you might have or advice you may need

🔴 A nutrition plan with as much leeway as you want

🔴 ALL the tools that you need to get the gains you’ve been wanting

I am offering you the first “examination” call for FREE. 

In this call, we’ll have a short conversation that’ll help me understand what it is you need specifically to reach your goals with Low-Volume training. 

There, you’ll see for yourself the treasure chest you’ll be receiving first-hand,


Your first month with us has a 100% money-back guarantee!

So If you’ve thought:

“I WANT that amount of freedom and energy”

“I WANT to look better without having to sacrifice family or work”

“I WANT to be able to enjoy my life without being shackled to the gym”

There’s no reason to hesitate!

Get Your Spot For FREE!

I remember when I made a commitment to my work, to my family, to my future, and my well-being. 

The workouts I’ll teach you are the same ones that helped become the “superhero” dad to my kids, the present husband to my wife, and a peak performer in my job.

Let me help you become an “everything-man” too!


The first month has a 100% money back guarantee IF you submit all of your nutrition and workout logs. If you’ve done that and still feel like it isn’t for you, then you can have all of your money back!

Is it? Train for 12 hours a day. Do 100 sets of 100 reps. What do you think will happen? More damage than good, that’s for sure. “More is better” is a childish way of thinking that completely ignores human nature. We want to only do what’s REQUIRED for growth, the rest is just endurance.

The relation of sets is not one to one. A meta study done in 2017 found that on average, doing only ONE set per week, gets you 80% of the strength gains that TEN sets give you. You have to reaaaally squeeze out that last 10%, which only really matters if you’re an athlete.